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Social Contract The Blend Of Government And Freedom

Rousseau Social Contract; the Blend of Government and Freedom Elise Rozenberg Survey of Modern History I July 13, 2015 â€Å"Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.†[ ] These words can be applied to the progression of history. Throughout history, there have been many radical thinkers whose ideas, though initially criticized, have become the catalyst of great change. Though, the radical thinkers were met with the criticism and disdain of the people, eventually, their ideas slowly impacted society. The Enlightenment was one of the greatest time periods in history where many ideas and philosophies greatly influenced history as we know it. The Enlightenment was an intellectual movement that questioned the aspects of the absolutist regime of monarchs such as King Louis 14 of France, and strongly challenged the religious beliefs. In years prior to the Enlightenment, the people sought out answers from positions of authority, such as the church or monarchy. The Enlightenment emphasized an alternative, the use of reason to seek answers. With the emphasis on reason came many social and political philosophies that challenged the preconceived notion of divine right of the monarchy. Many enlightened thinkers, or philosophes, wrote about the natural rights of people and the role of government in society.[ ] From the Renaissance Era through the Scientific Revolution, the Church had slowly lost their influence onShow MoreRelatedSocial Contract Theory And The Transition From State Of Nature1599 Words   |  7 PagesI’m going to discuss the Social Contract theory, and how the transition from State of Nature to government was considered a contract. Was there ever a timeframe when men lived outside of social orders and how was it? , How did men get away from that period and go into another time of social orders? Was it through power or shared understanding? Once a type of government is picked or selected, who runs it and is the privileges of the individual safeguarded? Social contract hypothesis, almost as oldRead MoreThe Need For More Justice By John Locke1608 Words   |  7 PagesJohn Locke’s Second Treatise of Government investigates the structure in which power operates and certain notions that come together to bind individuals and establish the social contract tradition. However, the way in which individuals decide on a form of government and its goals, is heavily reliant on specific conceptions of the human person. Annette Baier, a known â€Å"care ethics† political philosopher, fundamentally aligns herself with notions of care ethics and consent in her piece â€Å"The Need forRead MoreImpact of Rousseau and Smith on The Declaration of the Rights of Man2008 Words   |  9 Pagesman – freedom and equality – comprises the basis of the document. His concepts of the general will to decide law and the intrinsic sovereignty of the people, as well as Smiths stress that government need not play a large role in order for the nation to thrive, also lie at the essence of the Declaration. The emphasis of Smiths The Wealth of Nations on progress and productivity also played a large role in shaping the document. Although Rousseau does seem to advocate community-wide freedom and equalityRead MoreDefining Politics and Democracy Essay1572 W ords   |  7 Pagesthose constrained by limited resources, contain dominance hierarchy and therefore politics. Politics is most often studied in relation to the administration of governments. Politics is the process and method of gaining or maintaining support for public or common action. Although it is generally applied to governments, politics is also observed in all human group interactions including corporate, academic, and religious. Political science is the study of political behaviorRead MoreRousseau And Hobbes Views On The State Of Nature2565 Words   |  11 Pagesprovides a great contrast to Hobbes. Rousseau puts a great deal of emphasis on the evils of political and social institutions. In his writing, On the Social Contract, he discusses the idea that humans were forfeiting their natural freedom to live in civilized societies that provided them with protections regarding their natural rights. Despite the logic behind humans surrendering their natural freedoms in order to protect their natural rights, Rousseau argues that there is a major flaw. This thought processRead MoreThomas Hobbes And John Locke2190 Words   |  9 Pagesget each other. He has trust in the human nature and believes men will act with integrity and honesty in their everyday lives. Thomas Hobbes was born in 1588 and died in 1679. His most famous work was the Leviathan and it discussed how he saw a social construct, or the state of nature, to be produced and enforced. The main focuses of his piece heavily enforce his view on political philosophy, meaning how a society should be run, the state of nature and how natural laws are formed from the stateRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Leviathan 1750 Words   |  7 Pagesof Job as well as examples of political vermouth of Thomas Hobbes. Its story expresses a sense of pervasive political corruption; it has been read as a daring critique of conditions in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. With this critique of the Russian Government as well as the Russian Orthodox Church as well as religion in general we see the stepping stones for an exceptionally dramatic and controversial movie. The Book of Job is summarized as timeless human suffering which we see throughout the entireRead MoreDe Soto, A Revolutionary Mind Empowering A Force Of Management1450 Words   |  6 Pagescapitalist system. It’s important to let them in.† (De Soto 1) Where this theory of â€Å"letting them in† derives from causes much hesitation amongst those â€Å"keeping them out.† When viewed telescopically there is a break up of ethnic, financial, religious and social differences. With the diversified property right factor missing, these nations will not understand the concept of interaction amongst differences but if—instilled—the common thought of standard law becomes pertinent. With groups of â€Å"same† people formingRead More Liberalism, Civic Reformism and Democracy Essay2784 Words   |  12 Pagespolitical program: it is an emancipatory political project by virtue of its struggle for an egalitarian and universalist extension of citizenship rights. This is but a formulation of the modern idea of citizenship, conceived of as a universalizable contract of rights. At the same time, liberalism embraces a socioeconomic emancipatory project that endeavors to provide the conditions, within the institutional framework of modern societies, for the accomplishment of citizenship rights. The origins ofRead MoreIllegal Immigration Is The Movement Of Individuals From A Country Essay1762 Words   |  8 Pagesimmigration may take a legal form at first, then immigration may take a legal form at first, then it turns into illegal. This happens when someone’s visa expires and he keeps living in the host country. In countries or states where a high economic and social level exist, and where immigrants seek for going there, the negative effects of illegal migration can be felt since there will exist larger contact area between natives and illegal aliens. Violations that is perpetrated from unlawful migrants when

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White Privilege Is A Myth - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 737 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/07/30 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: White Privilege Essay Did you like this example? As of December of 2018, society has seen an outburst of discrimination claims among the various minority groups. Lets leave aside for a moment the fact that we just had eight years where the most powerful man in the world was a black man and that during the first two years of presidency, the Democratic party had total control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Also the last two people who ran the justice department, Mrs. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "White Privilege Is A Myth" essay for you Create order Loretta Lynch and Mr, Eric Holder, were black. In addition, some of the most successful popular media figures are black as well, such as Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, and Drake Graham. Through the clear picture of equality among races that is reality, a lot of Americans still claim that one race is more privileged than the other. Claims have been made that white kids have it easier when getting accepted into colleges; but, is this true though? We must look at the facts in order to dictate the truth behind this assumption. Just like there are housing grants for minorities, there are also grants for minorities to attend college. While there is a vast majority of grants for minorities, any type of grants considered specifically for whites would be slandered as racist without a second glance. According to the LA Times, affirmative action centered around college admission programs allow for multiple minority groups with lower SAT scores to get accepted into colleges or universities. Up to 230 points were awarded to prospective black students and 185 points for latinos while at the same time asians who typically score better on tests were deducted 50 points. This pushes asian students to score 280 points highers than a black person and 235 points more than latinos or else the black and latino students will take his /her spot. At the University of Texas, the supreme court ruled that the universities practice of admitting minority students and rejecting white students was fine as long as it was conducted in the name of diversity. If this situation was reversed then protests and riots would occur around the country. In other words, a highly qualified student could be rejected just based solely on their skin color. The term white-privilege is just a scapegoat for the blatant racism in our universities and colleges. Arguments have been made in the media is that in todays era is the false assumption that whites have an easier time with police and suffer at their hands less. As shown by the data gathered by The Washington Post, fifty percent of those killed in fatal shooting by the police were white with only 26 percent being black. With only a few of the black shootings involving unarmed victims, almost twice as many unarmed white men were shot by police than unarmed black man. With the discussion of police unfairness is accompanied by the discussion of sentencing disparity. A Justice Department survey of felony cases found that blacks have a higher chance of not being prosecuted for a crime and a smaller chance of being found guilty during trial. With this being said, blacks are still sent to jail more than whites. However, statistics show that despite being only a fraction of the population, blacks are still committing higher rates of crime than any other race. While is true that most of these crimes are non-violent drug crimes still carry a mandatory minimum of five-year sentences; however, if anyone is to blame for this, it should be the Governments harsh drug law punishments, not white people. At a younger age the world was never seen through a prism of color. Some of my first friends in school were black. I never could distinguish a difference between me and my friends regardless of their skin color. This is still the case today. Over years of growing up, I have looked up to multiple black icons and I still do to this day. Skin color never meant anything until the social justice warriors and activists groups such as Antifa rallied to bring up nonexistent issues. Growing older only opened my eyes more to this problem. Many left leaning politicians have created and pushed a race war among modern day society. This has only separated America more and more based on the color of out skin. For what reason? This white-privilege sham is only a way to get black voters to vote for candidates who could care less about their well-being.

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There’s nothing wrong in buying terms papers Free Essays

On-line paper assistance services are a fast growing kind of business. When we browse the internet, a large number of sites are available in giving paper assistance services. This kind of business saturated the internet. We will write a custom essay sample on There’s nothing wrong in buying terms papers or any similar topic only for you Order Now These sites earn a great amount of money everyday and they continue to grow and reproduce in number. This has been one of the most serious issues that schools all over world are dealing. They deem that this kind of business is unethical and immoral. The academic world views this kind of business as a business that teaches the students to be dishonest and lazy in their academic performance instead of teaching them to be responsible and hard working for the attainment of their academic advancement. Indeed, most people view this business as an academic disease. This is a disease that slowly eats the integrity of the academic world and slowly erodes its ethical status, a disease that is very hard to battle. Most students nowadays are fond of ordering papers from the said businesses above. Students just visit sites and after a moment, their term papers are ready for submission. Instead of making their own paper, they would rather opt to order and buy a paper made by these sites in the internet because of the promise of getting a high standard that will result to goods for the students. Students don’t work hard and sweat anymore for their papers. Given the situation in today’s academic world, a question arises. Is it ethical to buy terms papers? This paper is a position paper regarding the posed question. The position of the writer is â€Å"There’s nothing wrong in buying term papers’. This paper will provide arguments regarding the claim and hopefully make the academic world view term papers’ buying as not a wrong act but rather an act of helping students achieve their dreams of a better and fulfilling life in the future. REASONS FOR THE CLAIM There’s nothing wrong in buying term papers in paper assistance businesses. This claim comes from the reason that this kind of business helps a lot of people achieve their dreams of a better life. This macro-level reason for the position will be backed up by three sub- reasons. First, students can save time in buying term papers and the saved time can be used in working in order to earn. Second, an academically poor student does not necessarily mean a poor employee in the future. Third, the assistance students get from paper assistance sites will most probably give them high grades which are vital in their employment application in the future. It is of a great fact that many students are not full-time students. Many students are also working to help support their own education. A lot of families are in financial crisis all over the world. Students’ as also workers give great relief to their families in terms of being able to find means to support their studies. In ordering term papers, students can save time and effort in making it themselves. After ordering, the student will just wait for the order to arrive. The trade in of costs of payment to sites where they order and the cost of students’ potential income as working is beneficial to the students. This statement will be further discussed below. Let us try to examine a baby- sitting job. A baby sitter earns $7 an hour. A student will spend time writing a 5- page paper for 10 hours including research of the topic. Ten hours is already a significant amount of time. A paper assistance business will probably charge their clients at an average of $8 per page. A 5-page paper will then cost $40. The income of an 8 hour work by a baby sitter is $ 56. In this situation, the benefit that a working student will get from ordering a term paper is $16 in quantity. $16 then is of big help in support for his daily needs. In the situation above, not only the student benefits from the income he gets but also it lightens the load of his parents in supporting his studies. This is a manifestation of a good son or daughter to his parents. The opportunity from saving time gives a student the means to continue his education and achieve his goal of graduating. The student will benefit financially from ordering a term paper and the financial benefit will be vital for his education and his life in general. An academically poor student does not necessarily mean a poor employee in the future. Many employees achieved the top in a certain company or organization without a very good college grades record to show. They just achieved their success by working hard and never ceasing the determination to succeed. Achieving success in working careers does not reside in having high grades in college but in the determination of the person to be on top of the company or organization, to be successful. Determination is the biggest element of success. To say that a student who is poor in academic performance will become poor in his performance as an employee is a fallacy. Many teachers are caught up with looking at the academic performance of their students instead of looking at the attitude of perseverance and determination. Ordering a term paper will help poor academic performers have good grades. Having good grades will make them graduate and will give them an opportunity to be employed. Being an employee does not mean writing term papers again. Let’s try to look at one example. A teacher in philosophy advised his students to make a term paper regarding Plato’s definition of love. In an employee’s life, there can be no way that he can ever put Plato’s love in the context of the organization he is working and to the nature of his job. What is needed for an employee is not how wide is his understanding on Plato’s philosophy but on his performance in the nature of his job or career. Only if a student will become a teacher himself that he needs that kind of knowledge to be applied. Most people are caught up with grades as the basis for judging the capacity of a person. Ordering terms papers which has the high possibility of having good grades will then be a way of a student to have good grades. Having good grades will produce a big possibility of good employment. A good employment status is what most or perhaps all people aim in life. Therefore, ordering term papers can help the students to get high grades and have a good employment in the future. There is nothing wrong ordering term papers. In the discussion above, ordering term papers only becomes an avenue for a lot of good opportunities and benefits. The act of ordering is a great means in achieving the dream of most people to graduate in college. The end in this situation is of good side. These businesses are means in making people achieve their dreams. This act is so vital in people’s lives that it must not be condemned and looked upon as unethical and immoral, rather, this kind of act must be looked upon as essential to many people’s lives. In helping people achieve their dreams, another good thing will be given birth. The family of the students will benefit from the success of their sons and daughters. Finding a good job for the students would mean earning a significant amount of money. Earning a significant amount of money would then give an employee a capacity of not only supporting himself but also in giving help to his parents. This is the aspect of life that people must look upon, the aspect of life that entails responsibility of a son to his parents, an aspect of life that is essential. Another good situation that will arise by benefiting from ordered term papers is the situation of giving the next generations a good life. Every student that became an employee will have his own family in the future. In having his own family in the future, he will surely raise children. These children need a good life for them to grow in a good environment. The ability of the children’s parents to give them a good life comes from good employment. Good employment comes from good grades in college and good grades in college come from ordered term papers. The discussed reasons above are the one’s giving grounds to the claim that there’s nothing wrong in ordering term papers. The basis for my arguments is J. S. Mills’ â€Å"Utilitarianism†. His philosophy states that â€Å"the end justifies the means†. It is very true that ordered term papers will give birth to a lot of good effects. As long as the end benefits a lot of people and as long as it gives happiness to a greater number of people, the means are ethical. CONCLUSION Therefore, ordering term papers are only means to a desired end that will benefit a greater number of people, thus, making it a right thing to do. This is due to the fact that ordered term papers will give students a chance to get good grades. Having good grades will then produce a good employment opportunity for them. Being employed in a good earning job, they will be able to help their parents and give their future children a better environment to grow. BIBLIOGRAPHY Ferrari, Joseph R. Impostor tendencies and academic dishonesty: Do they cheat their way to success?. Social Behavior and Personality An International Journal, 2005. Underwood, John, and Szabo, Attila. Academic offences and E-learning: individual propensities in cheating. British Journal of Educational Technology, 2003. Ethical Issues involving On-line Paper Services. 15 Dec. 2006 http://cse. stanford. edu/class/cs201/projects-00-01/honor-code/ethics. htm#bought http://plato. stanford. edu/entries/mill/ How to cite There’s nothing wrong in buying terms papers, Papers

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Topic Assignment-Psychology free essay sample

Assignment Topic: Intellectual Disability State: An IQ test is used for several reasons, even to determine if an individual ha intellectual disability. Intellectual disability (also known as mental retardation), is a condition in which a persons behavioral and cognitive skills exist at an earlier development stage, developmentally delayed. Elaborate: In other words, there are individuals that are taking longer to develop. They are developmentally delayed, meaning that their behavioral and cognitive skills exit at an earlier developmental stage than the skills of others who are the same hronological age. Without all the technical terms, basically these individuals have a harder time to develop and get involve in things any other individual would do, because they depend on someone else and most of the time they cannot live independently. To determine who has intellectual disability they must have an IQ lower than 70, adaptive behavior skills are low, and limitations presented by age 10. We will write a custom essay sample on Topic Assignment-Psychology or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Exemplify: For example, when we were all in high school there were a few students who had their specials needs. They received the same opportunities as us, but also ould have their own special class to help them out with their disabilities. Most of the individuals had a staff with them at all times because they were not able to do things on their own. Illustrate: part 2: Partner 1 Name: I learned from about Ideal Self. Ideal Self is basically when someone is influenced by someone else and they try to become them. His example was perfect on how children see an athlete and they want to become Just like them because of how good they are, according to the child. I mentioned to about a different example on how I saw it. Children like superheroes when they are young and IVe seen this frequently when a child wants to become Spiderman, Batman, etc Partner 2 Name: I learned from about the Latency stage. He explains to me that this stage is when children dont pay attention to opposite sex. Once he said that I thought about when I was young we used to say boys had cooties and girls had cooties. In the end that is what meant. His example made me laugh but it is true, when they are young they dont getting touched by the opposite sex. Topic Assignment-Psychology By eli_shorty

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Human Vision In Space Essays - Vision, Visual System, Ophthalmology

Human Vision In Space Human visual hardware is a result of a billion years of evolution within the earths atmosphere where light is scattered by molecules of air, moisture, particular matter etc. However as we ascend into our atmosphere with decrease density, light distribution is changed resulting in our visual hardware receiving visual data in different format. Some Aspects to Consider: 1. Visual acuity is the degree to which the details and contours of objects are perceived. Visual acuity is usually defined in terms of minimum separable.Large variety of factors influence this complex phenomenon which includes : # Optical factors- state of the image forming mechanisms of the eye. # Retinal factors such as the state of the cones. # Stimulus factors such as illumination, brightness of the stimulus, contrast between the stimulus and background, length of time exposed to the stimulus. * Minimum separable: shortest distance by which two lines can be separated and still be perceived a s two lines. "During the day, the earth has a predominantly bluish cast..... I could detect individual houses and streets in the low humidity and cloudless areas such as the Himalaya mountain area.... I saw a steam locomotive by seeing the smoke first..... I also saw the wake of a boat on a large river in the Burma-India area... and a bright orange light from the British oil refinery to the south of the city (Perth,Australia.)" The above observation was made by Gordon Cooper in Faith 7 [1963] and which generated much skepticism in the light of the thesis by Muckler and Narvan "Visual Surveillance and Reconnaissance from space vehicles" in which they determined that a visual angle of ten minutes was the operational minimum, and that the minimum resolvable object length [M.R.O.L] at an altitude of 113 miles would be 1730 ft. This limitation of acuity was revised the next year to 0.5 seconds of arc for an extended contrasting line and 15 seconds of arc for minimum separation of two points sharply contrasting with the background. Orbiting at 237 miles in the skylab it was possible to see the entire east coast [Canada to Florida Keys] and resolve details of a 500 feet long bridge based on inference. Of Interest is the fact that even though the mechanical eye [camera systems] can resolve objects greater than fifty times better than the human eye, without the human ability to infer, interpretation of the data is meaningless. Conclusion: Visual acuity in space exceeds that of earth norm when objects with linear extension such as roads, airfields, wake of ships etc. 2. Stereoscopic vision: the perception of two images as one by means of fusing the impressions on both retinas. In space one has to deal with a poverty of reference points. For hardware evolved in a reference oriented paradigm, this possess a grave problem. Once out of the space craft and gazing outward, the eye can only fix on the stars [without even a twinkle] which for all practical p urpose is at infinity ie. without stereoscopic vision "Empty field myopia" prevails. Empty Field Myopia is a condition in which the eyes, having nothing in the visual field upon which to focus, focus automatically at about 9 feet . An astronaut/cosmonaut experiencing empty field myopia focusing at 9 ft would be unable see objects at a range close as 100 ft. If another spacecraft, satellite, meteorite or L.E.M entered his field of vision, he would not be able to determine the size nor the distance. Solution: Man does not face any hostile environment in his birthday suit, the clothing industry and need for walk in closet say it all. In space we will wear our exoskeleton just as we wear winter jackets in winter and we will wear our helmets with visors to maintain our internal environment, filter out all those nasty rads etc. Since Empty Field Myopia is secondary to loss of reference points why not just build them into the visor itself giving the eye points of reference-- create a virt ual reality This line of speculation leads to amazing concepts...... To learn more about the concept of virtual universe in the helmet read: Journal: Air article: Big Picture

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Marxism And Economic Theory Essays - Economic Ideologies, Socialism

Marxism And Economic Theory Essays - Economic Ideologies, Socialism Marxism and Economic Theory Human relationships have always been dynamic. Change and adaptability have gone hand in hand with the passage of time for human society. Systems have been developed to regulate, direct and control the resources of this society. The systems are referred to as governments and the resources as the populace or inhabitants and forces of production. A government must be dynamic in its nature reflecting the change in society. At times these systems have resisted the necessity to adapt with its components (Society) creating a deficit between the system and those it regulates. As the deficits develop, they cause instability, and could lead to revolution.1 Theories have been developed to explain the systemic phenomenon called revolution. This paper will discuss three modern theories and apply them to the English revolution of 1640. The first theory, developed by Carl Marx (Marxism), will address the economic evolution in English society. This theory will emphasize and explain how the shift from a feudal/mercantile system to capitalism affected English society. The second, called the Resource Mobilization Theory (RMT) developed by Charles Tilly, will explain how the English organizations (the Crown and the Parliament) effectively obtained, amassed and managed resources. Samuel Huntington's, "Institutional Theory", will argue that the existing government at that time was unable to incorporate the demands and personnel that the socio-economic changes created. Marxism was formulated in the 19th century. Carl Marx and his associate Frederick Engels observed the socio-economic changes that were transpiring in Britain. England was the dominant world power and had the largest industrialized economy during the 1800's. The development of the factory and the institution of the assembly line created a large demand for workers. This demand was satiated by migrating peasant from the rural areas in England and Ireland to developing urban centers. As these urban centers or cities evolved using industry as the economic backbone for the population, a large number of factory workers were accumulated to operate the machinery in horrid conditions. These workers, which would be termed as the peasantry under a feudal system, were now the working class or proletariat. They entered cities with hopes of bettering their lives and survival. Though revolution never took place in England during this period, it allowed Marx to study industrialization, urbanization and imperialism. The theory of Marxism has three basic concepts: historic materialism, forces of production and relations of production. Historic materialism is defined as a society's past performance and present capabilities of satisfying the basic means of life. Humankind's basic needs of eating, drinking and shelter need to be met properly. The forces of production (technology, capital, the infrastructure of society, etc.) are important for the simple fact of who ever controls them controls the society. The last aspect of Marxism, the relations of production, deals directly with the relationships between classes of people (the aristocracy, the middle-class and the working class).2 Marxism includes a predictive analysis of socio-economic structures. Using history, logic and the dynamic nature of humankind as guidelines, Carl Marx attempts to map out a sequence of events which will eventually lead to utopia (anarchy). In his work, Das Capital, Marx details the six steps. These steps are primitive socialism, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, communism and then anarchy. The evolution of the English economic system during the 16th and 17th centuries points to a shift from feudalism to capitalism. This shift is exemplified by the enclosures. The landlords began to fence their property in the common land areas. The "commons" were large plots of grazing and farmable lands that were used by both farmers and artisans. When the land-owners and manorial lords began to partition these lands the concept of private ownership of property was introduced to the socio-economic system.3 During the time period of the 16th and 17th centuries the crown's economic base began a gradual decline. This economic shrinkage came to a spearhead during the reign of Charles I. The monarchy favored a monopoly market system over a competitive one. The purpose for this position was for taxation and control of the profits. As the artisan and merchant populations increased, the policy of the crown began conflicting with economic growth. This created instability in three areas. First, the English

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What do you understand by the term racism Using examples from one of Essay

What do you understand by the term racism Using examples from one of the areas of policy we have covered, explain the existence of racism in contemporary Brita - Essay Example People in the same race may be very different from each other in terms of appearance and even genes, even more different than someone who is not in the same race. Therefore, dividing people into races makes no sense biologically. (Weston T, 2008) What exactly is Racism? Many people equate this with mistreatment of minorities while some equate this prejudice and stereotyping. It is not that easy to be defined because racism is not a thing. It has no mass and it can have subjective opinions. A lot of different definitions of racism have been given by a lot of different people. For the ease of understanding, we will be using the following definition of Racism throughout this paper. Racism and the theory of evolution have a connection. People justify racism by saying that according to the theory of evolution, the strongest continue to exist. Hence any group that has a advantage over another group has a right to dominate and completely eradicate the weaker faction. Therefore the week cliques get removed from the gene-pool, which makes the species strong and more powerful as a whole. In short, they say that by practising racism, they remove the weak from the society and this in turn benefits the world as a whole. These people either misinterpret the true theory of evolution or use it to justify what their actions. Evolution does not lead to racism - ignorance, fear and bigotry do. (Barnett, A., 1998) What they don’t realise is that racism only creates frustration among the weaker groups and by practising this, the third generation of human rights are breached. The trend in racism has changed dramatically since the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre. At first it was more of racial discrimination. Now racism is more about religion. Muslims all over the world are now looked down upon and the world has now experienced something called ‘Islamophobia.’ As Kevin Smith said, Access to healthcare should be a right, not